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(Photo by Bruno Dorais)

I was always very artistic, with a love of beauty, nature, horses, antiques, architecture and all fabulous design and visuals. I also loved beautiful cars and the accompanying speed and feel of a finely tuned and precision handling automobile. I painted for years in my youth. On a winter road trip from New York to San Francisco, in my late teens, I discovered spectacular scenery that needed proper photography! All I had with me, was a Kodak Instamatic, however I still managed to take some inspiring images. Upon returning home, I decided to enrol in photography courses and not long afterwards, graduated from the Creative Arts Program at Dawson College. After that , I continued on to Concordia Fine Arts / Cinema. I was lucky enough to work for a while on a few feature films shot in Montreal.

I was also, always, an equestrian; on a horse at 3 years of age, and ever afterwards, but on a pleasure level, not competitive. I still ride all the time. But also, when I was five years old, I knew I wanted to be race car driver! But alas, almost no women were racing at that time, so it was an unusual dream , during that era, for a kid to have. Years later, I did become a race car driver, and won the F.A.Q. Québec Regional Championship (Production GT - 2 ) in 1988 , as a rookie , for the Ron Ward Race Team. Finding sponsors was very difficult, as all drivers know, and after many different cars and venues, including ice racing and FF1600, sadly, I had to let it go. I only went back in 2006-7 for a few races, but again the sponsorship issue prevailed. I was always on the track, working in many capacities for various teams or organizations, or as an official, even a few stints as a pace car driver in St. Eustache; Technical Inspection for 9 years for CART/ Indy in Toronto and some US races; Formula Atlantic tech and grid marshal for a few years in Canada . I was a track observer at F1 in Montreal and Trois Rivieres , many years ago, when they still had them!

I started to take pictures for fun on the track before the digital era, but of course made the switch when it became the new medium. The field is ever expanding, and so I hope to broaden my spectrum as well. As a former driver, and all other racing aspects that I worked in, I hopefully, have a full perspective, whereby I suppose my pictures are "geared" ( pun intended! ) to the driver viewpoint. You will see a blend of styles and subjects on this site. Compostion and feeling is very important to me in my photos.

I have also included a small gallery with some info and photos from when I raced. Unfortunately , I do not always know who took the pictures.

I hope you enjoy the site. For any purchases or inquiries, please email me at racehart@bell.net

All rights reserved. No photos may be reproduced in any fashion without express written permission of the photographer, myself, Leslie Hart , with surplus fees applicable.

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